Artefact from 3,000 BC found in Oman

March 12 – A pottery jar from the 3,000 BC has been discovered at the Bat Archaeological site, 26km east of Ibri.

A statement from the Ministry of Heritage and Culture said, “Our archaeological sites are full of many artefacts dating back to long periods of time, and this newly found pottery jar was restored to its original shape using special and appropriate tools.”

The protohistoric site of Bat lies near a palm grove in the interior of the Sultanate of Oman. Together with the neighbouring sites, it forms the most complete collection of settlements and necropolises from the 3rd millennium B.C. in the world.

Bat and its surroundings represent a mosaic of intact, authentic monuments of great antiquity, represented not only by villages and funerary buildings, but also by the many monumental towers and irrigation dams. For centuries, the tombs were used and reused, thus preserving their original function and meaning.