Apple causes flurry of speculation over iPhone announcement

Technology websites have been buzzing for weeks about an announcement coming Tuesday from Apple, with most speculating that the company will reveal as many as three new iPhones.
The tech giant teased the event set to take place at 10am (1700 GMT)at the Steve Jobs Theater on Apple’s new campus in Cupertino,California in a post at its website. As in the past, Apple revealed no other details about the announcement.
The company could release at least one new iPhone at the event, which comes on the 10-year anniversary of the device and is expected to doaway with the home button, an iconic feature of the device from its beginning.
Instead the new iPhone will use infrared facial recognition to unlock it, according to CNET and multiple other sources.
Facial recognition would also replace Touch ID, Apple’s biometric fingerprint authentication technology.
In addition it will have improved cameras, run on Apple’s latest software and feature wireless charging, various technology websites have reported.
A possible name for the new model is iPhoneX, according to the websites and developer Steve Troughton-Smith on Twitter.
Apple might also introduce updated version of the iPhone 7 and 7scalled iPhone 8 and 8s respectively, Wired and CNET predicted. They also will feature better cameras and faster processors, the websites reported.
A new Apple Watch could also be announced to include cellular LTE capabilities, which means it would not need to be tethered to the iPhone to find a network, CNET reports. — dpa