Amazon Echo Spot: The alarm clock of the future

The Amazon Echo Spot, which was announced alongside the second-generation Amazon Echo and other new Alexa-powered smart speakers in September, is turning heads as the alarm clock of the future.
Reviews on the Echo Spot have mostly been positive. While there are certain issues with the $129.99 device, it has many positive points that may make it one of the best smart speakers that Amazon has ever released.
The Echo Spot is considered to be a smaller and cheaper version of the Echo Show, with a circular body and 2.5-inch display.
The Verge’s Dan Seifert describes it as “by far the cutest-looking Echo device,” and it is hard to argue with that especially when the Echo Spot is compared to the rectangular, blocky design of the Echo Show.
One of the most important features of the Echo Spot is its video calling capability, similar to the Echo Show. In addition, the touchscreen can also be used to watch videos, check smart security camera feeds, and display information such as the time, weather reports, and to-do lists.
Amazon also recently rolled out the option to transform any Amazon Echo into a traditional alarm clock that can wake users through music or the news, a feature that appears to have been created with the Echo Spot in mind.
In fact, the Echo Spot does everything that the Echo Show can do, making Gizmodo’s Alex Cranz question the existence of the Echo Show.