Al Hoota Cave ‘not-to-miss’ site, says Indian daily

Al Hoota Cave, one of the top tourist attractions in Oman, has been featured in an Indian daily, which has described it as one of the not-to-miss destinations.
Describing the Al Hoota Cave as a natural wonder, the Hindustan Times has said in its recent edition that travellers should definitely visit this place — the only cave in the Arabian Peninsula that is open to visitors.
Written as a travel piece, it reflects the experience a visitor can derive from his/ her visit to the cave located at the foot of Oman’s “epic mountain” Jabal Shams.

“Estimated to be over two million years old, the Al Hoota Cave is one of Oman’s most popular natural tourist attractions,” said the paper.
Al Hoota Cave spans a total length of 4.5km, of which 500 metres is accessible to the general public.
A one-hour guided tour starts from the Visitor’s Centre with a short ride in an electric train that carries passengers up to the cave entrance.
Once inside, it’s a “feast for the eyes as you walk on the pathway and witness an enormous subterranean cavern filled with stalactites, stalagmites and colourful solid rock columns”, said the article.

The daily urged visitors not to miss the popular lion’s head, the cat, the old man and other intriguing shapes and an 800m long underground lake that is home to the rare blind fish — Garra Barreimiae, besides other species such as bats, arthropods, molluscs, spiders, snails and water beetles.
“One can combine the trip with a visit to Nizwa to see the magnificent Fort and Friday market or the traditional architecture of Al Hamra and the beautiful atmosphere of Misfat al Abriyeen,” it said.
One can also stroll through Wadi Tanuf or do a rim walk at Jabal Shams followed by an afternoon visit to the Al Hoota Cave, which is open to visitors from Tuesday to Sunday (9 am to 6 pm).