A celebration of sharing and fun

Children in Wilayat Al Musannah celebrated Qaranqasho on 15th night of Ramadhan. They celebrate Qaranqasho by wearing traditional costumes and going door-to-door in their neighbourhood singing songs and collecting candies. This celebration is a means to reward children for fasting for the first half of the month, and to encourage them to continue through the second half. It continues to be a popular tradition throughout the Gulf countries.

Children go around singing accompanied by drums, “Qaranqashoyonas, atonishwayathalwa” (O people, Qaranqasho time, give us some sweets please). It further goes “doosdoos fi almandoos, hara hara fi a’sahara,” where they ask for candy.
Thousands of kids and families prepare for this remarkable day in a unique simple way. Families in Musannah bought their children colourful traditional dresses for this occasion and decorated their houses with Qaranqasho themes. Children were enthusiastically waiting for this day as it is one of the most exciting and happy occasions they rejoice the most.
Neighbours of Musannah villages welcomed the kids with open arms and big smiles. They gave the children nice-looking giveaways with Qaranqasho themes they prepared in advance. Each family decorated its Qaranqasho giveaways astonishingly. Children carried with them bags with cute Qaranqasho themes and by the end of evening the bags were filled with sweets.
Once finished all children gathered around and shared their sweets. Parents also felt happy seeing their children excited and delighted.
Sumiya al Balushi said, “I took lot of effort for this day as my two daughters Mariyam and Meera love it, I have made beautifully wrapped gifts and bags for neighbours’ children. I will be doing the same for every Qaranqasho tradition in the coming years. The occasion is getting more popular as it is means to develop social communication and teach the children good manners and real happiness.”