61% want job first, not Training

By Fahad Al Ghadani — MUSCAT: Jan. 3: Sixty-one per cent of higher education graduates and students prefer to take up a job without training or post-graduate education, says a survey conducted by National Centre for Statistics and Information recently. Only nine per cent prefer training before joining work. “The survey interviewed 3,148 job-seekers holding higher education certificates, 3,607 students in higher education institutions and 1,242 working in the government and private sector and holding higher education certificates,” said a source at the National Youth Commission (NYC).

“Sixty-one per cent of those surveyed preferred to join work immediately, 18 per cent preferred post-graduate education within the Sultanate, while 12 per cent preferred post-graduate education abroad,” said the source. Salim al Kahali, vice-president of the Education Committee at Majlis Ash’shura, said most of those surveyed preferred to join work because they felt it was “better to have a job first and then think of training or further education”. “It is the job security which has pushed the youth to take up a job immediately after graduation. Maybe it’s because of the current job situation or their eagerness to serve the country,” said Al Kahali.

“We have to focus on training coupled with employment. It’s time private sector provided opportunities for the youth, especially the educated. Such a move will result in a large number of trained and qualified youth taking up top jobs,” he said. “I would have preferred training if there was a guaranteed job offer after training. Unfortunately, few companies provide such opportunities,” said Saif al Wishahi, a higher education graduate working in the private sector. “We need to build our lives and help our families. It’s true training will help better my career, but it’s a risk if I don’t get a job after the training,” he said.