4 tunnels on Sharqiyah Expressway

MUSCAT, MAY 12 – The work on the tunnels of Wadi Al Aqq, which is part of the first phase of Al Sharqiyah Expressway, is well under way. The execution firm in cooperation with the Inshaa unit for project management (one of Asiad logistic group) is working 24 hours non-stop to complete the project within a year and a half timeframe. The consultants of Inshaa unit said 4 tunnels are currently under construction on both directions of the three-lane highway. The Ministry of Transport and Communications said the project involves 4 high bridges which will be constructed in the first phase at Wadi Al Aqq.

The first phase of the project starts from Bidbid roundabout on the Al Rusail-Nizwa road and passes the wilayats of Samayil, Al Mudhaibi and Dima W’attayeen and ends at the Masroun intersection in the Wilayat of Ibra with a total length of 115 km and involves a number of flyovers and multi-level intersections. The second phase stretches from Ibra to Sur with a total of 132 km crossing the wilayats of Al Qabil, Bidiya, Wadi Bani Khalid and Al Kamil W’al Wafi.

Noah al Maamari