250,000 tourists visited Musandam in 2018

Muscat: The number of tourists who visited the Musandam governorate during the last nine months of the year 2018 reached to 250,000. It showed that the varied tourism products of the governorate and its natural and historical components were attracting tourists.

Mohammad bin Abdullah al Dhahouri, acting director of tourism in Musandam, said: The statistics indicate that there are 249,933 tourists visited the governorate till the end of the third quarter of this year. They are in the records of the hotels and other tourism establishments as well as visitors of forts and visitors of giant cruise ships and tourists coming across the border. He said that 72 cruise ships would visit the port of Khasab during the period from October 2018 to May 2019. They are important for the growth of tourism as they carry large number of tourists.

He said that the tourism in the Musandam was a promising sector. It is strengthened by the natural elements such as unique nature of its mountainous, sea, islands and wildlife. The Department of Tourism in Musandam which represents the Ministry of Tourism in the governorate is taking many steps and organising programs in cooperation with the private sector to stimulate tourism in the area. The outlook for the tourist sector in Musandam includes increasing tourism services, and their quality and offering more sites for tourism investments according to the needs and in line with the Omani strategy for tourism and strategy as well as Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy of Musandam governorate.

He said that the plan includes giving approvals for the establishment and implementation of 8 hotel facilities, offering three sites for tourism investment for establishment of three hotels in the category of three and four stars and giving initial approvals for four hotels, and signing of the beneficial right for the establishment of one hotel.