Over 200 die in four days of Syria raids

Four days of ferocious Syrian government raids on the rebel-held enclave of Eastern Ghouta have killed more than 200 civilians, a war monitor said. Syrian government troops have since Monday waged an intense air campaign on Eastern Ghouta, the only significant opposition pocket near the capital Damascus.
Bombardment on Thursday alone killed 58 civilians including 15 children, according to the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. The deadliest strikes hit a market in the town of Erbin and killed 21 civilians including nine children.
“These are the worst four days that Eastern Ghouta has ever gone through,” said Hamza, a doctor at the local Erbin clinic who was treating wounded patients.
“From 2011 until now, there has never been the level of bombardment we’ve seen in the last 96 hours.”
He described seeing shell-shocked children brought in to the clinic, sitting in silence even though they were badly wounded.
“As a doctor, the hardest thing you can do is to treat your loved ones, your colleagues, your neighbours, your relatives,” Hamza said, breaking down.