Zubair SEC member Efreez launches new brand

MUSCAT: To reflect the transformation of the company and its vision for the future, Zubair SEC in close collaboration with its member company Efreez and the creative and design team of Omani design company Ijaz recently launched the new brand Efreez.
Zubair SEC members Yasir Shamis al Battashi and Mohammed Ali al Balushi are the founders of Efreez who have won last year membership at Zubair SEC’s Direct Support Programme for 2016.
Efreez, known earlier as Zawaya Al Bait, was established in 2011 and specialises in designing wood, glass and lighting solutions.
The company started off by providing design services to small villa owners in Al Bausher. As business grew, they started offering services to customers all over Muscat and to some governmental bodies.
Today their company employs 20 personnel and offers a host of services. While witnessing the growing stature of the company, they realised the importance of developing a brand identity that matches best reflects their promise to the market and their business offering.
The colour of the new brand were carefully selected to play an important part in helping people recognise the brand even before reading the name or seeing the logo. Turquoise, dark blue, grey and yellow have been selected to adequately suit and compliment the brand of Efreez.
Mohammed al Balushi said, “We are grateful for the support and guidance by Zubair SEC especially in regards to our business development and marketing planning. We are also glad to have worked with another Omani company Ejaz on creating the brand and related art and branding guidelines. The new branding reflects our growth and evolution as a company over the years. It also helps us to stand out from other businesses offering similar services. The new branding lends a sense of confidence and reliability to our brand.”
He added, “We are proud of our new brand identity. As part of the on-going growth of our company, we have reinvigorated our individuality to echo who we are and what we want to be in the future. This new identity gives us the confidence to work harder and achieve further success.”
Adel al Hubaishi, Senior Adviser at Zubair SEC said, “We are very happy to see how Efreez has been taking steady steps of progress and growth.
Both Yasir al Battashi and Mohammed al Balushi have showcased tremendous dedication and commitment towards the development of their business, and have been receptive to our advice and guidance”.
He added, “It was but a natural step to consider the creation of a new brand and identity for their business that they can take forward with the expansion of their company and operations.”
In addition to all other elements of its support ecosystem, Zubair SEC pays special attention to the
business development of its members, and saves no effort in equipping them with what they need to have stronger market presence and go by well thought of marketing and development strategies.