Zero-waste tour comes to Oman in November

MUSCAT: A climate-friendly, zero-waste tour of the Sultanate will be undertaken soon. Nomad Reisen, an international tour operator that specialises in Middle Eastern destinations, is bringing the tour to Oman on its 25th anniversary. The expedition, planned for early November this year, will be the first of its kind. It will not only compensate all the carbon-dioxide (CO2) emissions but guarantee it to be a completely rubbish-free tour. It will be the first worldwide tour that leads through the Rub al Khali, the ‘Empty Quarter’ in Oman using only camels.
The tour will start and end in the old frankincense harbour of Salalah Together with the Badu (Arabic for Bedouin) and the camels that will carry the equipment, the tour will wander through the dunes over 10 days.
Julietta Baums, CEO of Nomad Reisen, says: “We aim to raise the profile of the how essential eco-tourism is both within Oman and the wider world by not just looking at people (the Badu) who have been living sustainable lives for centuries, but by delivering an unforgettable journey for all involved by travelling together with them through the desert.” Waste prevention is a priority message for the tour, which begins on the flight from Germany to Oman.
Before taking off, all guests will receive a ‘Tiffin Lunchbox’ in which they can carry their own meals, avoiding the usage of wasteful packaging from the airline caterers.
Travellers will be given a traditional Omani toothbrush, called miswak. These sticks, made from the ‘tooth brush tree’, have been used in the Arab world for centuries.
All unavoidable CO2 emissions such as flights, airport transfers and hotel stays have been calculated together with Nomad Reisen’s partner atmosphere as per approved VDR standards. These emissions will be compensated by nomad Reisen.
The trip leader is Ibrahim al Balushi, the only German-speaking, Omani trekking guide in the Sultanate. With more than 15 years of experience, his knowledge was a fundamental part of the planning process. “It is an honour to show visitors the beauty and history of our great country. This journey will be an experience of a lifetime because of the environmentally friendly travel message it carries. We will source all the necessary food locally. I will personally oversee the hotel breakfasts in Salalah, making sure this tour will stay waste-free from the beginning to the end.”