Young Omanis had key role in Muscat airport

Omanis have been involved in the completion of many projects entrusted to the private sector institutions and companies. The sector has attracted more Omanis as part of the activities and jobs carried out by the government institutions. This has led to a decline in the number of expatriate workers recently to reach 1.8 million workers, while they were more than two million several months ago.
Among the projects that Omani youth participated in was Muscat International Airport, which is one of the most important projects. There was a large group of young Omani engineers involved in overseeing and processing jobs, and they supervised the implementation of various stages of this vital project.
The team operated efficiently and successfully overcame several challenges. They successfully conducted tests required for the operation of the airport through their continuous efforts.
The airport was built as per international standards. The new building combines both modernity and tradition in its interior and exterior design. The project has been implemented using most sophisticated technologies.
According to the official data, the largest proportion of the work carried out in the project was handled by Omanis, both male and female, who ably shouldered their responsibilities, especially with regard to administrative, engineering and technical work. They were ably assisted by the expatriate workers.
The project, for which both Omanis and expatriates had been waiting, today covers an area of 280,000 square metres. The first phase aims at raising the capacity of the airport to 12 million passengers per year, while the final stages aim at reaching 48 million.
It is not difficult for the agencies involved to operate this project to attract more international airlines and travellers around the world in the coming years.
On the other hand, Oman Air, on its part, is opening more outdoor stations to attract more tourists, while tourism and hotels play an equal role in attracting international tourists to the Sultanate. Muscat International Airport today is equipped with the latest technology to be competitive and emerge as one of the best airports at the regional and international level.
The new passenger terminal at Muscat International Airport has been provided and equipped with the latest features, including 90 large screens for reception desks and 20 self-service desks. These services aim to help passengers feel comfortable with the travel procedures.
The building is equipped with sensitive and intelligent surveillance cameras that can identify faces. This helps travellers complete their procedures and get their belongings easily.
The building has been provided with wireless Internet points at several locations inside. It has more than 6,300 Internet points at the airport, 60 per cent of which have been completed and operated in key areas such as pavilions and gates, with the remaining points likely to be installed in the coming stages, according to the engineers.
We have to admit the construction of the new passenger building at the Muscat International Airport are of a very high standard. They are a result of great efforts from the Omani youth as well as foreign expertise.