Xmas fervour seems set in town


Kabeer Yousuf –

With Xmas round the corner, the city is slowly getting in to the grip of Xmas celebrations with people embellishing their homes with stars and lamps as well as retail outlets adorning themselves with season’s merchandise to lure their customers.
Huge Santas with dangling gift bag on the back have started popping in many places while carols and other festivities are sounded everywhere.
“We always light Xmas star in front of my house every year from the first week of December and it has been my family’s custom for the last 22 years here in Muscat”, Joel, a resident of Darsait said.
A larger than life Xmas tree was lit at the InterContinental Hotel while Xmas carols were sung by students from the PDO school witnessed by expatriate communities last week. Later, Santa distributed gifts to all those who gathered at the Majlis Al Shams.
“Students from the Muscat International School Choir group
will sing carols on December 13
followed by British School Choirs and Brass on December 14”, Maria Teresa Palmaria, from the InterContinental Muscat said.

862824Other hotels in the city too will have a Xmas tree lighting ceremony in the coming days which will witness hundreds of people thronging to the venues.
Retail outlets across the country, shopping malls and other places frequented by public have already begun to decorate their premises with garlands, ornaments, tableware, lights, stockings, and other holiday accessories that can transform their space into a festive wonderland.
The demand for bells, candles, candy canes, snow globes and snow sheets is steadily increasing with more and more people getting into the spirit of Xmas.
Lulu Hypermarket chain has launched an array of delightful surprises to help its customers celebrate the festive season.
The special Xmas offers launched across all the outlets will enable shoppers to stock up their Xmas goodies and everything needed for their family for this festive season.
“Like every year, we have made all arrangements for Xmas shopping with special offers and incentives for our diverse customers with their year-end festive shopping”, Ananth AV, Director-Lulu Oman & India said.
It is the homes and malls besides the special prayers at churches that make Xmas especially enjoyable here while it is the Xmas villages that fulfil the essence of the auspicious occasion in European countries with snow falling on the streets and homes while pine green and red light up their days and nights.