Wisely weaved foreign policy

Thanks to the deep-rooted faith in peace, the Sultanate had the ability and courage not only to clearly and honestly express its opinions and vision towards situations and developments in the global arena, in the Gulf and the Arab world.
The wisely weaved policy of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos since the beginning of the Omani Renaissance has helped make new friends and receive world acclaim and respect.
The Sultanate has always been keen to fulfil all its international and regional obligations towards different organisations. It recognises its international responsibility towards different causes that aim to serve humankind in several fields.
The main priority of the Sultanate has been to maintain friendly relations with its neighbours. Since 1970, Oman has never severed diplomatic relations with any government in the world. On the contrary, this has enabled Muscat to actively facilitate negotiations in the Middle East.
Oman could establish a reputation as a trustworthy peacemaker in the Middle East with a host of regimes across the ideological spectrum often welcoming its mediation in various conflicts.
The Sultanate has adopted peace as a pillar in its political practice since the beginning of the modern Omani Renaissance. It is based on the firm belief that building processes and national growth and building a modern state require mainly the right climate on local, regional and international levels.
It has also deployed relentless efforts in implementing its opinions in its relations with other states, while maintaining Oman’s basic principles. His Majesty has asserted how essential this is in his Speech delivered on the glorious 28th National Day.
“In our opinion, while at the gates of a new millennium, our most vital obligation is to work with states on fighting injustice and tyranny, curb ethnic cleansing and embrace human dignity, fight the occupation of other states’ territories and denying their legitimate rights” he said.
“We must create a justice system equitable for those suffering from injustice, in order to enshrine peace, security and welfare all over the globe” he added. This important endeavour is clearly reflected in Omani policies and positions, in a way that has increased the Sultanate’s credibility in the world.
The Sultanate is an active member in different UN organisations and is keen to fulfil international and regional obligations towards different organisations. The Sultanate recognises its international responsibility towards different causes that aim to serve humankind in several fields, and its faith that it is a part of the world and a partner for humanity. Therefore, represented by the Oman Charitable Organisation, the Sultanate has extended a helping hand at the service of humanity abroad.
It seeks to mitigate the suffering and pain of the victims of natural disasters or political instability. Its activities include assistance, relief and reconstruction, conducting development programmes and projects that aim to provide livelihoods and build the capacities in many developing countries. The Organisation’s activities covered many states during the last years.
The scope of projects and programmes implemented and adopted in 2017-2018 amounted to around $101.5 million.
The Sultanate is keen to foster regional and international North-South, South-South and tripartite cooperation in science, technology and innovation and improve knowledge exchange, the Office of Science, Knowledge & Technology Transfer was established within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Sultanate was nominated to lead international efforts for the achievement of social development goals, set forth by the United Nations and entitled: “Life Below Water”. Many preliminary Memoranda of understanding were also set with international institutions to build the national capacities in the field of ocean economy.