Will be responsible or self-interested candidates?

As the election process for the upcoming ninth edition of Majlis Ash’shura term is round the corner, the newly nominated candidates are busy with their awareness and promotional campaigns. Each one is sparing no effort to do their best! All of them are working hard to obtain as many nominees as possible, so they can win the competition. Different means of promotions are being used all over the country as each one is claiming to be the best in serving the society! Some have relied on traditional ways for their campaign. All that they could do is the outdoor signboards, posters and a word of mouth.
However, others have gone far by having a properly organised public campaigns. They have publicly released their motive for applying as a potential candidate for the Majlis Ash’shura. As well, they have set their national objectives, which they are working on to achieve during their membership. Others have been announcing promises to the society. The Majlis election is witnessing a competition between 717 candidates, including 41 female candidates from different governorates of the Sultanate. There is no doubt that the competition is tough, but every one of them is leaving no stone unturned to win the election.
What really matters is that all should be streamlining their efforts and objectives towards serving the nation and people of Oman. Being a member of the Majlis Ash’shura, which is the consultative parliament, is a great responsibility. Hopefully, they all would be capable to shoulder the responsibility.
As a matter of fact, Majlis Ash’shura has been established to strengthen the relation between the government and citizens as well as to share the nation-building responsibility between the two. Accordingly, the would-be elected members of the Majlis to represent thousands of people are expected to be honest, responsible and devoted in serving the citizens, government and the entire nation.
In the first place, not only citizens, His Majesty Sultan Qaboos has accorded his personal confidence on all members of the Majlis. As he said: “We are fully confident that you are fit to bear the trust placed in you, and we have great hopes that you will carry out your momentous tasks capably and with a spirit of allegiance and loyalty to this dear country, for the sake of a brighter tomorrow – a tomorrow of prosperity and growth.”
Therefore, the people who voted for the candidates and supported them to get elected have given all their trust and hope to have a good representative. Members of the Majlis are regarded ambassadors to convey the people’s needs and demands to the government authorities. Therefore, candidates should never let them down; without their support they could have not get the honour of being a member of this high profile entity.
As today, candidates in every corner of the country are busy with their campaigns, they should recall the big responsibility, which they will be shouldering soon!
For them, it is the moment to make their day or to lose the dream! However, nominees have placed all their trust and faith on candidates who should always passionately strive to support people and serve the country. They have been elected to call upon this national duty; otherwise, they will betray the responsibility given to them.
Dear candidates, are you ready to bear the burden of carrying on this national responsibility upon which you will be judged for your honesty, devotion and trust?
At all times, you must be willing to sacrifice your time and efforts to handle issues of the nation and citizen’s higher interests. You have to make a personal, sincere promise that you take the membership responsibility to serve with no other purpose, but that of public interest.
Wish the best of luck to all candidates in their mission.

Oman Observer