WILAYAT OF DHANK : Odd topography and tourist attractions

The Wilayat of Dhank is located in the centre of Al Dhahirah Governorate.
The wilayat takes the name ‘Dhank’ from its odd topographic features with mountains surrounding all sides.
It borders the wilayats of Al Buraimi on the northwest, Ibri on the southwest and Yanqul on the east.
The wilayat consists of many villages such as Al Shukur, Al Azizi, Al Mathaa, Al Alayah, Al Khabib, Fida, Dout and Al Wahasha.
Dhank is blessed with many wadis, which are among the most important tourist destinations in the wilayat.
Wadi Al Fateh, notable among the wadis, is characterised by mountainous features like grottoes and rock formations, besides castles and forts built on the banks of the wadi.
Adding beauty to the spot, the wilayat is punctuated by a string of wadis with lush date orchards growing along their banks. In fact, these wadis offer a relaxed atmosphere to visitors, enabling them to break the monotony of routine and get away from the strenuous city life.
Wadi Qumeirah is another famous wadi in Dhank located 70 km away from the centre of the wilayat.
The area includes an ancient cemetery dating back to pre-Islamic era, in addition to an ancient copper mine, a pathway made by inhabitants between farms, and the Qumeirah village.
Dhank is known for its Bani Saedaa spring water, through which water supply is maintained for long periods, especially during the rainy season.
As regards the historical landmarks, Almunaiakh castle is one of the many such heritage buildings located in Dhank.
It has been restored by the Ministry of Heritage and Tourism.
The wilayat is known for some traditional crafts such as tanning leather, extracting rose water and breeding honey bees.
The residents of Dhank also practise many traditional occupations and professions as part of their daily life, which include collecting woods, farming and livestock rearing.
Social customs and traditions are an integral part of the people’s life in Dhank, especially those related to wedding.