Wheelchairs, medical beds donated to the needy

Marhoon bin Mahfood al Nabhani, General Manager of the Ministry of Social Development, expressed his gratitude on behalf of a grateful community this week when the Golden Tulip Nizwa Hotel, represented by its General Manager Sandeep Jaitly donated wheelchairs and medical beds for those in need, throughout the community.
Al Nabhani expressed his deep gratitude saying, “We are extremely thankful to Golden Tulip Nizwa hotel for their generous contribution towards the society”. He also appreciated the initiative taken by the hospitality flagship for continuously supporting social causes within the local community groups throughout the Dakhiliyah Governorate.
“Corporate social responsibility should be an ongoing process, throughout the year,” responded Jaitly, “However during this time of contemplation, reflection and giving, it is appropriate that all cultures within the community respond to its needs in a manner that promotes community engagement, awareness, and responsibility. It is a significant part of our social responsibility programme as we maintain a strong sense of responsibility towards our local community and society, which is crucial for all of our stakeholders.”
The initiative is in line with the Golden Tulip Nizwa’s expressed philanthropic objectives within the Dakhiliyah Governorate which aims to develop social responsibility, and provide care and support within the community under the social development scheme.