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Backed by a series of eclipses both lunar and solar wonders in the sky and a number of natural, scientific attractions, the Sultanate is all set to attract scientific tourists to the country.
Oman is the area where the Tropic of Cancer is passing through and it has been an attraction for sky gazers and students. Al Amerat area’s Al Atkiya region is where the Tropic of Cancer, which is also known as the Northern Tropic, passes through. Besides, with the newest attraction of the December 26 Annular Solar eclipse, the Ministry of Tourism is hopeful to bring a unique scientific tourism experience to both local and international tourists as the annular eclipse phenomenon, which is happening after a time lapse of 128 years, will be visible in some parts of the country.

Science tourism is one of the branches of tourism where people travel to see or experience scientific wonders of the world as a topic of scientific attractions. It also involves visiting and exploring scientific landmarks, including museums, laboratories, observatories and universities. Also, it includes visits to see events of scientific interest, such as solar eclipses.
The Ministry of Tourism has joined hands with the Oman Astronomical Society (OAS), which has been working with various institutions to record one of the rarest astronomical phenomena to take place over skies of Oman by the end of this year.
“We are delighted to cooperate with the Oman Astronomical Society and other key organisations in the preparation of the programme for the annular eclipse phenomenon which will bring Oman to the forefront of tourism for promoting scientific events in line with our efforts to strengthen the nation’s position as a key global destination”, said Anwar al Balushi, Director of Tourism Events at the Ministry of Tourism.

People can safely watch this phenomenon through organised activities in various governorates of the Sultanate, as well as in astronomical camps located in the path
of the annular eclipse.
The eclipse, which will not be repeated in next 83 years, has already received great attention from the community and the media, besides attracting local and regional attention.
“The Annular Solar Eclipse phenomenon is considered a rare natural phenomenon that is very fascinating to watch and observe”, said Ali al Shaibani, Vice Chairman of the Oman Astronomical Society (OAS) and project supervisor.
During the Eclipse, the sun will look like a ring in the eclipse path that passes through various Oman governorates that will have a greater view of the significant phenomenon
of the event.