Water projects in Seeb set to benefit 30,000 households

MUSCAT: As many as 24,000 new customers will benefit from new water projects to be set up in the Wilayat of Seeb. An announcement in this regard was made by Abdulaziz al Shidhani, General Manager of Diam, at the wali’s office in Seeb on Wednesday. “The new water projects will cater to nearly 24,000 households in the beginning, and the figure will reach 30,000 users upon completion of the entire network,” Al Shidhani told the Observer on the sidelines of a Community Meeting in the wilayat. He, along with Ibrahim bin Yahya al Rawahi, Wali of Seeb, and Suhaila bint Yousuf al Balushi, Head of Water Networks, Seeb, reviewed work on the existing and the new projects.

He said that demand for water in Seeb area is more compared to other areas in the city. This has increased in the recent time due to rise in construction activities. “We have reviewed the water distribution network projects being implemented in the wilayat. Diam will also review the future projects to be implemented in this area. We are currently working on the projects in phases,” he said. The number of beneficiaries of the project in the initial phase will be 957 housing units. This will be in addition to an integrated project in the Maabelah 8 and Halban areas where construction of the main transport and distribution lines and household connections are currently happening. Suhaila noted that in Al Khoudh 7, where the project includes construction of major transmission lines with a completion rate of 85 per cent. This is in addition to the establishment of distribution lines and household connections which will benefit as many as 2,458 housing units.
“In addition to the ongoing projects, Diam has plans to implement new projects during the coming period, including the establishment of a network in the area of Maabelah 7”, Suhaila said. This is besides the ongoing efforts towards strengthening water transmission and pumping system in the wilayat offering a long-term solution for water shortage in this area. “With all these projects, we are hopeful that the Wilayat of Seeb will be covered with water connection to a great extent,” she said. “We are very happy that the developmental initiatives of the Wilayat of Seeb is complemented by additional water networks in areas where the demand is high and I hope it covers most of the areas of the wilayat”, Al Rawahi said.