Waiver for fines on work permit defaults

Foreign workers who are leaving Oman for good have been exempted from fines related to their work permit. The exemption, one among many sops given to the private sector, is valid till the end of this year in accordance with the decisions by the Supreme Committee combating the COVID-19 situation in the country.
“Private sector employers are exempted from paying fines accrued by their expat employees during their stay in the country, will be waived if they leave the country permanently”, the ministry said.
The ministry said that the private sector companies can terminate the services of their non-Omani workers, provided they pay all the amounts due to them, in addition to ensuring that they leave the country permanently.
A decision by the ministry also grants permission to renew the expired licences of companies with Omani nationals, as well as for small and medium enterprises registered with the Public Authority for Social Insurance.
In accordance with the earlier decision, “work permits for temporary or part-time employers can also be approved, with the costs calculated on the basis of the number of workers the company wishes to appoint.”
According to the ministry, companies have to pay only RO 201 for the renewal of employment visas of expat workers against the RO 301 applicable previously.
“The decision by the Supreme Committee will continue till the end of 2020”, the ministry added.