Lockdown in Wadi Kabir, Hamriya to be lifted tomorrow

MUSCAT: Life in the industrial area of Wadi Kabir, traditional village of Muttrah and Hamriya will return to normal on Sunday following a month-long lockdown.
These COVID-19 focus areas were put under total isolation, with restrictions on the movement of people following a surge in the number of cases.
With shops to open from Sunday, precautionary measures will be put in place for the safety of people as per the guidelines of the  Supreme Committee.
The Supreme Committee ordered to open commercial establishments in three phases in various governorates which were closed in the wake of the virus spread, but spared the activities in Hamriya, Muttrah, and Wadi Kabir and asked them to remain closed until further notice.
As a prelude to the opening, the only COVID-19 testing Centre in Hamriya was closed down and some of the testing centers in Muttrah and Wadi Kabir shut their operations.
However, the Ministry of Health (MoH) and Muscat Municipality have cautioned people in these areas to be careful against the coronavirus.
“Wadi Kabir Industrial Area, Muttrah and Hamriya were exempted from opening in the past few weeks as the reports from these areas reported a high rate of incidence”, a source from the Muscat Municipality said.
The source further warned all outlets providing goods and services in Hamriya, Wadi Kabir, and Muttrah to follow safety norms or face action including fines and suspension of license.
There should be systems in place to assess the body temperature of the employees and customers according to respiratory symptoms on a daily basis at the entrance.
No shaking hands, no hugging as part of salutation and the workers working inside the shops must wash their hands frequently with soap and water, or sterilise them using alcohol-based sterilisers and wear PPE throughout.
There should also be transparent barriers depending on the risk rate of infection within the institution and at least 2 meters’ physical distance between staff and the customer should be maintained.