Wadi al Sarami: Al Kaboura’s pride filled with natural wonders

Owing to its beautiful landscape and wonderful climate, Wadi as Sarami witnesses a constant inflow of tourists from inside the country and abroad. Tourists and families visit this place to experience its cooler temperatures, historical possessions and remarkable natural resources.
Located in the Al Batinah Region in the Waliyat of Al Khaboura, the area shares its borders with the province of Saham in the north-east and the Wadi Hibe in the north-west. The road to the village starts at the roundabout in the Wilayat of Saham, there is no direct route from Khaboura. It is approximately a 34 kilometer drive from the roundabout to the village of Al Zawahir.
In Wadi Al Sarami, one of the main attractions is the village of Al Zawahir. This village serves as a gateway from the mainland into the valley and its vibrant core. Along with tourism, due to its exclusive location and vibrant rock formations, this area is blessed with diverse flora and ample fresh water. This is seen across other villages stretching over the long valley, some of these being Fajij, Al-Raisa, Al Zawahir, Al-Haraka, Fea, Al-Qalaa, Al-Sayhra, Al-Khubt, Al-Khadra.
The village of Al Zawahir cosily sits behind the mountains located in the Wadi al Sarami. The valley houses mosques, towers, wooden doors all showing its link to ancient architecture. Displayed in it are remains of old Omani architecture with houses still built in mud and stone dating back centuries. In recent history, the area was abandoned and the houses have since been left empty. Erosion and natural calamities like harsh winds and storms caused wide spread damage leaving the area in ruins, but with the intervention of the government, restoration works are in the process.
Some of the significant characteristics commonly seen in houses from a similar time in different part of the country were prevalent in these ruins – the houses had strong thick walls in a signature architectural style, the walls had inscriptions and were decorated much like the fashion of their period.
The houses usually had one or two floors sometimes more, the ground floor was for their produce like dates and raising their cattle and sheep. The floor above was used to live in, these floors feature decorative wooden windows a style resonating Oman’s architectural history.
The rooms seem to tell the story of the old and young, of families and legends that have built the culture and heritage of the Oman we know today. In the days before roads and cars, the residents of the area travelled and transported necessities like food and water on their animals.
The village is famous for its fertile lands and agricultural produce. The lush grounds produce a vast variety of crops due to the rich soils and the abundance of fresh water. Some of their common produce include palm trees, tomatoes, mung beans, lemons, limes along with onions, garlics and a large number of crops that are not commonly seen in the rest of the country. The type of plants and amount of produce are largely dependent of the size of the farms and the income of the farmers along with water supply and other uncontrollable natural phenomenon.
Al Zawahir is also home to a number of government institutions that are based in this significant village serving all the villages located in Wadi al Sarami. The village has two schools, Al-Awtebi and the Knowledge Fields School. The road that linked the village to the main Batinah Road was paved by the people living in Wadi al Sarami with plans of extending the road making it accessible to all the other villages in the valley.
This was all possible due to the support and guidance of the Omani government under the leadership of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos.
In the monsoon, small waterfalls in the mountains that run scantily, reach their full potential adding a whole new dimension to this already natural wonderland. Although off-route and with the need of a 4×4 car, it doesn’t affect the exquisiteness of the place, for tourists and those in the country needing a getaway into the nature, Wadi al Sarami located in the Al Khabourah city is the perfect place for a weekend adventure.

Siham al saidi