Wadi Kabir Industrial Area closed

Muscat: Wadi Kabir Industrial Area, the hub of major industrial, mechanical and automotive activities, and the nucleus of carpentry and other allied trades, has been closed down from Monday until further notice

As per instructions from the Supreme Committee on Covid-19, the Muscat Municipality immediately served notice to all the companies and industrial entities in and around this vast area in the governorate to abide by the rules and regulations of the lockdown.

In a statement issued online on Monday, the municipality outlined that the decision for the closure comes in line with the Supreme Committee’s directives to ensure the implementation of health and preventive measures to combat COVID-19 in Oman.

The municipality also urged the public to cooperate and follow the orders of the closure in the interest and benefit of public health. Check and control points at the entry points of Wadi  Kabir will be activated with limited people entry and exit from this area.

As part of combating the coronavirus spread, the Muscat Governorate has been put under lockdown from April 10 to April 22 which was later extended till May 8. People’s movement has been restricted in and out of Muscat Governorate and intra-wilayat travel has been controlled.

However, vehicles and individuals with a letter from the company where they worked have been allowed to pass through the checkpoints. Also, essential service vehicles, vehicles carrying food, and other commodities are allowed to cross the checkpoints.