Visit, express visa validity can be extended online from July 1

Muscat: Starting July 01, both express and visit visa holders currently stranded in the Sultanate can request for an extension through an online application, according to the Royal Oman Police (ROP).
Speaking to the Observer, a source at the ROP said that the normal visa extension fees would be charged for this service.
“Holders of tourist and express visas can request their visa extension online starting July 1 after paying the fees”, he said.
He further said that extending visit visas does not require the person to come to the service center.
“Also, the person need not go to an ROP service center for this. Instead, he or his representative can do it online.”
The ROP has extended the expiry dates of visit and express visas by 15 days twice in an effort to enable tourists and visitors those who are currently awaiting their turn to go back to their countries stay in Oman till further notice.
“Visit and express visas of all those who are in the country but are overstaying due to the airport closure, were automatically renewed and extended till June 30,” the ROP source said further.

Additionally, all the tourist visas that were issued from March 1, 2020, until August 31, 2020, would be reissued with a new validity period up to March 31, 2021. To obtain this service, the concerned person has to visit any of the ROP centers.

For students of expatriates parents who are studying in their origin country but not possible to come back due to the lockdown can renew their visa online from there itself or parents can do it from here. Various embassies are working towards this cause by getting the details of these students online.
However, those who are studying outside of Oman but not in their origin country and stuck there due to the lockdown need to wait till the international gateways are open and till such time the ROP announces the requirements for their civil status to return to the Sultanate.
“However, these students will be taken care of with some relaxed method of renewing their expired visas in due course of time.”