Verbeek reaction angers Oman fans, clarifies remarks later

Omani football fans and especially the ones who travelled to the UAE are unhappy with Oman head coach Pim Verbeek after he called the fans’ criticism of the Iran loss as ‘stupid’.
Oman had suffered a 2-0 defeat to Iran in their Asian Cup Round of 16 clash on Sunday and Verbeek’s reaction on television triggered angry responses from Oman fans.
“Stupid, absolutely stupid, the fans and everyone should be proud of this team and every player, not the starting eleven only, the 10 or 11 who are sitting on the bench as well. I can’t believe that people are criticising my players,’’ was the reaction of the Dutchman Verbeek on Oman Sport TV channel yesterday.

However, clarifying his remarks in a telephonic chat with Oman Daily Observer, Verbeek stated that the fans’ reaction to the defeat was unjustified after what the ‘Red Warriors’ had achieved in the last two weeks.
Verbeek had used the word ‘stupid’ to answer Oman Sport TV channel broadcaster’s question: What’s your impression about some of the media outlets and fans who are criticising some of your players?
In his clarifying remarks, Verbeek said “people and media who criticise any player of my team after what they achieved in the last few weeks are crazy and disrespectful,’’ Verbeek told Oman Daily Observer in an exclusive chat.
On the other hand, Verbeek said Oman’s performance in the Asian Cup has been a team effort and not about few individuals.
“They should be very proud of what we did. Achieving results is not because of a few players but because of the hard work of all the players in the last seven weeks including the medical staff, supporting staff and the coaching staff.’’

Verbeek thanked all the fans who supported and encouraged the team throughout the tournament.
‘’We are proud of what we did in the Asian Cup and we would like to thank all the fans who supported us in the stadium and at home. They were great.’’ Verbeek said.
‘’In my two years in Oman, I got fed-up of this whole story of only criticising, they must be proud of those players, I’m proud, everyone is proud and they should be proud too.’’ Verbeek told Oman Sport TV channel.
Meanwhile, the Dutchman spoke about the takeways for the ‘Red Warriors’ from the Asian Cup.
‘’The biggest advantage is the young players coming in like Salah al Yahyaee and Mohsin al Ghassani who got a big experience in the tournament which will help them in the Olympic qualification in March 2019.’’ Verbeek said.