Vehicle registrations up

MUSCAT:  The total number of vehicles registered in June 2019 rose 3.5 per cent to reach 1,520,910 from 1,495,686 in 2018, according to National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI).
The figures also indicated that there has been a constant but marginal increase in the number of vehicles registered in the last two months — 1,176,226 in June and 1,169,411 in May.
However, it is not known how many of these vehicles registered in 2019 are new.
According to social media groups, an average a dozen private vehicles, including new, are placed for sale mostly by the expatriates leaving the country.
“With banks offering vehicle loans for used cars at competitive prices, expatriate buyers, in particular, prefer the older ones,” Moshin, a businessman dealing with used cars in Muscat.
“With strict restrictions on the import of old vehicles, the used car is more regulated and buyers can get decent brands at a decent price.
“I got a driving licence recently but with the company struggling to pay salary on time, no way I could opt for an expensive brand,” said Vishwanath, a private sector insurance executive.
The number of private vehicles registered in Oman has increased by 4.2 per cent to 1,180, 519 in June 2019 from 1,1517,440 compared to the same period a year ago.
The number of commercial vehicles registered also marginally increased by 1.3 per cent to 246,052 in June 2019 from 245,002 during the same period a year ago.
While the number of rental vehicles registered increased by 6.3 percent, the vehicles registered as taxis continue to show a decline of 7.4 per cent.