UNFPA lauds Omani women status

Muscat: Women in the Sultanate of Oman have achieved greater heights as they have been guaranteed equal opportunity, freedom, and security, thanks to the constant efforts of the government and its ministries of health, social development, and education, according to the UNFPA.

Speaking to the Observer at the launch of GCC SWOP (State of the World Population) 2020 launch and regional virtual launch, AsrToson, UNFPA representative, said Omani women have achieved much in the past four decades.

“Omani women have excelled in almost all areas of the society thanks to the incessant efforts of the government and the ministries of health, education, and social development. Omani women are given equal opportunity in all the spheres of life.”

Women in Oman work in good economic conditions, where men are on par in terms of work, production, and investment opportunities. They are also able to carry out political work through roles such as membership in the Council of Ministers and the Council of Oman.

Toson added that Oman is in a better position when it comes to women’s empowerment and the protection of their rights.

“This unique position that Omani women enjoy is the direct result of the development of women’s social status. A woman’s role as an educated and working woman has assumed significance at all levels,” adds Toson.


The UNFPA representative said that the hotline number instituted for pregnant women and adolescent girls has been a success wherein more than 100 calls were received and given adequate advice.

“We received more than 100 calls on the hotline number instituted for pregnant and adolescent girls giving them COVID-19 related information and how to stay healthy with the right frame of mind. The majority of them were anxious about their health and their babies’ well -being during the pandemic,” he added.

Although Omani women have achieved many of their ambitions, they must continue to respond to the issues and challenges facing them to ensure that women’s experience is reflected in all aspects of society, according to the UNFPA representative.