UK fisheries centre to set up office in Muscat

MUSCAT: As part of 3-year UK-Gulf Marine Environmental Sciences Programme, a team of scientists from UK government’s Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Sciences (CEFAS) visited the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries. Dr Lubna al Kharusi, Director-General of Fisheries Research, welcomed the team and discussed the visiting agenda which includes training of researchers and research assistants. She stated that the aim of UK-Gulf Marine Environmental Sciences Programme is to provide technical advice, training and capacity development for the ministry staff.
In their turn, CEFAS are presenting the findings of the review of Oman’s capacity for the management of aquatic diseases in aquaculture and discussing plans for long-term development of the ministry’s capacity to manage disease in aquaculture. During the visit, CEFAS will provide the ministry staff with training and technical advice related to fisheries management, aquatic disease control and fisheries stock assessment techniques. For example, 2-day workshop on using R-language software environment, which is a widely used statistical programme, is undertaken at the Aquaculture Centre. This cooperation will ultimately support the ministry to manage a sustainable and productive fishing and aquaculture industry to gain the full benefits from Oman’s large marine resources.
During the visit, Dr Will Le Quesne from CEFAS met Dr Hamed bin Said al Oufi, the Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries for Fisheries Wealth, and the ministry officials. Dr Will has announced that CEFAS will open an office in Oman saying: “I am proud to announce that CEFAS is establishing a base in Oman, this is in recognition of the important role that the marine environment can play in enabling economic diversification in Oman”.