Training on seashell crafts and designs

Muscat, April 30 – The General Authority for Craft Industries represented by the Department of Craft Industries in Muscat carries out the activities of the preparatory programme in the field of crafting on seashells, which comes within the framework of the vocational training programmes approved by the authority for 2019. The theoretical elements of the programme include providing a historical overview of the art of crafting on shells, designs and Omani decorations.
This is in addition to explaining the rules and principles used in the design as well as the knowledge of engineering units, and the identification of the devices used and their functions and how to maintain safety and security during production processes.
Practically, participants were given the chance to start decorating the craft products by seashell to identify the ways of forming the box using the techniques of cutting, polishing, installation, and refinement with detailed explanation of the use of each tool.
The implementation of this programme in Qurayat comes within the framework of the approved training plan for the year 2019, According to an integrated and clear vision that supports the principles of the Authority which help to raise the level of participation of the artisanal sector in GDP per capita. In addition to providing multiple job opportunities and achieving competitive quality of products.
The aim of these programmes is to familiarize the participants with concepts of artisan production, starting from the basics, production processes, stages of marketing and promotion, tools and training equipment.
The programmes are based on four main targets: providing investment opportunities in the artisanal sector, improving guidance services, and encouraging national capacities to participate in such programmes to learn about the development of these handicrafts closely and how to establish a project that enhances the diversity of sources of income.