Tracking system helps cut spending on municipal vehicles

Muscat: With the application of vehicle tracking system, Muscat Municipality succeeded in raising the level of productivity in the services provided through its vehicles.

“In its early stages, the system achieved positive results, by reducing the number of kilometres travelled by the municipal vehicles. It recorded savings exceeding 800,000 kilometres”, the municipality said in a statement.

Since its inauguration in 2014, the distance travelled by vehicles declined substantially to reach 9,270,716 kilometres.

The first phase of the landfill tracking system included 332 vehicles in various municipal units divided into 105 heavy vehicles and 227 light vehicles. This phase was implemented in accordance with an agreement that lasted for three years.

However, the positive results achieved by this stage contributed to the decision to extend the contract for two years.

The second phase also included 332 vehicles, including 187 light vehicles and 145 heavy vehicles.

The year 2016 recorded a significant decrease in the number of kilometres to reach 8,516,727 kilometres.

“The Municipality continues to implement the vehicle tracking system. A tender has been awarded to one of the specialized companies in management systems”, the statement said.

The system has also guaranteed a lower rate of car accidents in all vehicles equipped with this system.

“The idea of the system is to use information technology to rationalize the use of vehicles belonging to the municipality and determine their actual location continuously and monitor all their movements”, the statement said.

The GPRS network system also helps the authorities know the whereabouts and routes the vehicles travel. Also it in the maintenance of these vehicles and prolong their actual life and reduce their operating expenses.

The vehicle tracking system aims to save all vehicle trip data and operating hours.

“It monitors vehicle movements through past and present traceability, reduce road vehicle accidents, and optimize vehicle utilization while improving driver performance, thereby increasing labor productivity, saving maintenance costs, reducing fuel consumption, and protecting vehicles from theft”, the statement added.

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