TRA warns action against unlicensed postal services

Muscat: Telecommunications Regulatory Authority has urged all companies interested in practicing postal and related services to obtain the necessary license and avoid any legal actions.

“All companies shall cease immediately any unlicensed activity; where all companies interested in this activity should apply for the necessary license to avoid any legal action could be taken against .any possible violation of the law,” the statement said.

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) said that practicing the provision of postal and related Services in the Sultanate requires a license to the terms and conditions stipulated in the Postal Service Regulatory Law issued by the Royal Decree No 71/2012 and the Exec-utive Regulations No 89/2013. Article (38) of the aforesaid law states as follows: “A punishment with a fine not exceeding (100,000) One Hundred Thousand Omani Riyals and not less than (1000) One Thousand Omani Riyals shall be inflicted upon any person who offers postal or related services without obtaining a license. “.The penalty shall be doubled in case of repetition .”
It is important to note that the Postal Service Activity is defined as the delivery service of documents, parcels, goods & packages weighing up to 25 kg.