Tourism Ministry at WTO meet

Chengdu: The Sultanate, represented by the Ministry of Tourism, is currently participating in the 22nd session of the General Assembly of the World Tourism Organization (WTO), the meeting of the Middle East Committee and the Committee on Tourism and Sustainability held in Chinese City of Chengdu.
Ahmed bin Nasser al Mehrzi, Minister of Tourism, leads the Sultanate’s delegation participating in these meetings.
The Ministry has been keen to participate in the meetings of the General Assembly to meet with its counterparts from the outside world in order to strengthen bilateral relations in tourism and achieving sustainable development, its ability to achieve a diversified economy, preserve cultural heritage while preserving biodiversity and supporting efforts, through which international bodies seek to develop in the tourism sector.
The agenda of the session for the year includes different provisions for serving the tourism sector in all Member States of the Organisation, including the approval of the guidelines for the adoption of the draft WTO to monitor the application of tourism ethics, the presentation of the relevant committee’s report thereon, the appointment of an ad hoc committee to finalise the draft, and the selection of the world committee on tourism etiquette. — ONA