This young Omani is keeping it sweet

Only 23, this young entrepreneurial mind took her culinary abilities and presented to the people of Muscat sweet delicacies that truly warmed the hearts and satisfied the stomachs of every customer. A hobby turned passion turned business, today her brand can be seen at all major events across the city. Nadiya Hasan Abdullah, a recent university graduate used her talent, skill and knack for business and cooking and created a brand that is now seen across the city at events and festivities.

Her baking journey started in 2014 but it wasn’t till after Nadiya completed her bachelor’s degree in July last year that she shifted her focus completely into growing and establishing her brand, Nad’s Delights.
It was at the Muscat Eat Food Festival hosted in November at Al Mouj Golf where Nadiya along with the support of her family debuted the delicious dessert treats of Nad’s Delights and since then, Nadiya has attended numerous exhibitions, festivals and events and although this can sometimes become an expensive affair, Nadiya said, “I am blessed to have a family that supports me even when my business doesn’t turn as much profits as I hoped. They make sure to support my dreams and turn my hobby into a real business.”
“Growing up, I can’t remember the exact moment where my interest in baking started but I remember being intrigued by my aunts and others cooking and baking. When I was a little older, I would help my sister who is also an avid baker and this is when I realised my interest and knack for baking.” Said Nadiya .
Baking cakes in all shapes, sized and tastes, Nadiya shared her creations with friends and family and this is when a friend and a fan of her baked treats, she suggested the idea to turn this hobby into a business.
Since entering the market, Nadiya has entered into courses and trainings to better her skills and gain the experience and understanding of baking and the business of it better.
A signature Nad’s delight, the chocolate button – chocolate cake covered in chocolate sauce – was what kicked off the brand and is today it’s hottest selling products both at events and by personal orders. Nadiya shared with us, she said, “One day, my sister and I had this cake that was absolutely delicious. So I told my sister that we should try recreate this cake and to my excitement she agreed! Using our combined understanding of baking and going on the taste we remembered, we baked a cake that tasted just as good as the one we tried! We started making this cake regularly, sharing it with our friends and family. We put our own twist on the traditional cake and this became the start of our business and our hot seller, the chocolate button!”
Another signature and unique dish that Nadiya offer’s is a red velvet cheese cake. Unheard to many, this scrumptious desert tastes just as amazing as it looks. Along with a Nad’s Velvets, a red velvet, heart shaped cake that comes with a twist of its own.
A major challenge in this industry is the inability to please all. Different people have different tastes and it is nearly impossible to be able to please everyone. In a business like this, it isn’t just the aesthetic of the cake that is important but also the taste, whilst some people love what is made, others don’t feel the same way and this is what Nadiya explained was one of her hardest challenges. She said, “it is important to remember to do your best to please people but be sure to be true to yourself and remember that it isn’t easy to please everyone. One bad comment or review shouldn’t stop you from doing what you love.”
Nadiya has come a long way from baking cakes for friends and family to setting up her own business, she is grateful to her family for not only supporting her but helping her throughout whether it is with business guidance, baking or supporting her during her events. She said, “I see this more as a family business, my sister and I bake together and my brother support me and guide me through the more formal side of things. Without them, I wouldn’t be able to do what I am doing today.”
As of now, Nadiya offers a range of cupcakes, birthday cakes, personalised larger cakes, brownies, truffles, tartes, cheesecakes and much much more. To check out the variety of desserts she has to offer, follow her on her Instagram @nadsdelights. For those interested in pre-ordering, Go on over to their Instagram and contact either via direct message or via their WhatsApp +969 96678800. Nad’s delight will be present at Muscat Eat Food Festival that is being hosted at Al Mouj Golf on the April 13 and 14, 2018.