Theme of summer workshop for kids at Bait Al Baranda is ‘Be Green 3’

Muscat, July 18 – Omani flora and fauna are back in focus as Bait Al Baranda is set to launch its summer event at its premises on Muttrah Sea Road.
The theme is ‘Be Green 3’. “We are in the midst of preparing our summer children’s workshop featuring art classes, gardening to learning about Omani plants, painting of indigenous Omani plants and their recycling, all aimed at schoolchildren,” said Malik al Hinai, Director of Bait Al Baranda.
The workshop will be held in conjunction with the Omani Botanic Gardens based in Al Khoudh.
The workshop, to be from August 5 to 16, is aimed at inculcating in children the importance of extra-curricular activities in their daily lives, said the director of Bait al Baranda.
“Bait al Baranda is privileged to host this yearly summer activity. We aspire to introduce new talent at all times, as art is a natural channel for nurturing children’s creativity, be it in arts, science or technology.”
Oman Botanical Gardens will teach children about Omani plants as well as how to prepare good soil using various techniques from recycled food items. Bait al Baranda has invited Greek artist Kostis Grivakis to teach children to draw plants on recycled plastic and wooden pieces.
He will train the children to make art from waste.“I will be teaching children to make Omani plants and flowers from recycled materials.
Art is beneficial for both children and adults.
But it is significant for children to learn from a young age the importance of recycling and reducing waste,” said Grivakis, who is famous for his collection, ‘Faces of Oman’.Workshops will be conducted under the supervision of Oman Botanic Gardens staff and Kostis Grivakis.
Some college students will be assisting them.
“We are delighted to be supported by Oman Botanic Gardens, PDO, Oman Oil Company and Ominvest. We look forward to bringing the best of art and culture to a broad and diverse audience in the next season,” said Al Hinai. Application forms for the workshop is available at Bait Al Baranda in Muttrah from July 22, but people can tentatively register over telephone. For details, call 24714262.

Lakshmi Kothaneth