The therapeutic and intriguing art of resin

MUSCAT: The medium that artists use and the style of art they pursue are usually influenced by their life history and background. Such has been the case for Namariq Khalid al Rawahy who finds comfort and therapy in the fluidity and beauty of resin.
A mother of two, one afflicted by a congenital disease, she turned to art to help her navigate the suffocating mental pressure of the daily life challenges.
From the initial infatuation of just watching videos online to doing resin art herself and later turning her passion into a business, Namariq has become a success story now managing her own small business centred around different resin art pieces.
For her, resin is an unconventional style of painting where brushes are seldom or not used at all and canvas or paper is totally out of the picture. What is primarily needed is an excellent understanding of resin, an artistic eye and the ability to go with the flow.
“Art is my therapy and the more I succeed, the more recovered and strong I feel,” Namariq shared. Guided by her creativity and turning her emotions into art, Oman Daily Observer reached out to the artist to ask her a few important details that can serve as inspiration for others.

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When did your interest in art peak?
Since I was young, I loved art class at school. I still remember that I had sketches all over in my notebooks, and almost every page was decorated with lines, shapes or even random doodles. Honestly, it would be hard to pinpoint a time, as I think it has always been a passion of mine. But as is the story of many, with age came responsibilities and these passions became a memory of the past.

What drew you to Resin art?
The moment I decided to rekindle my passion for art was in a time of much emotion. Not long after the birth of my second daughter, we found out she had a congenital issue and my little girl was put through many surgeries. As her mother, it took a severe toll on my mental health and I looked out for a distraction to keep me sane through these tough times.  Whilst scrolling through social media, I discovered videos of fluid resin art and then discovered a course for fluid art and it was the perfect thing for me! I joined the course and before I knew it, resin art became my new favourite thing. I remember when I asked the instructor about resin because I felt that it’s a very interesting type of art, her answer was “it’s very difficult, I couldn’t work on it.” That’s when decided resin art was what I wanted to do, I ordered my first package online and tried it for the first time, the outcome was amazing and I immediately knew that not only was this good creative outlet but a potential business as I hadn’t seen much around in the Sultanate at the time.

What is your main source of inspiration?
I draw my inspiration from everything around me. Nature, flowers, the sunrise and even trips to the furniture store. To me, a piece of furniture suddenly doesn’t just look like something functional, but a canvas which is why I especially love upcycling tables and plain trays because to me, I don’t see it for what it is, to me it inspires me to create something beautiful.

Tell us more about your art style?
I love creating classic masterpieces, something that I know my customers or I will cherish for a long time. Most of the pieces I create include not only high-quality resin but also real crystal quartz, gemstones and crushed glass. I love creating things that are both aesthetic but also imbibe a positive vibe for those interacting with them. As evident in my social media, I love working with white, gold and black but I do enjoy mixing different colours from all parts of the spectrum and sometimes even create my own shades to create gorgeous fluid or geodes like patterns on trays, ring holders, coasters, bookmarks, wall art and a variety of accessories that people can add into their homes to bring in good vibes but also a pop of something beautiful.

What do you hope to achieve with your art?
Since day one, resin art has intrigued people. Not just the result but also the process is therapeutic to many as it was to me. To me, my goals not only include building a successful business but also sharing my experience with my customers and anybody else who might be interested. Many people who I previously worked with have also started their own businesses and to me isn’t a competition but a way for sharing my love for the art, it makes me proud and now we have a good community of fluid artists who share their work, tips and tricks and passion for resin and fluid art. I want people to not only see me for my art but how this helped me through a very difficult time in my life and hope that it can be the same to others who might need it. Art is a great way to heal, mixing and pouring and painting is a proven way to dealing with difficult times and elevate us as humans to a place of peace, happiness and bring meaning back into our lives which can be especially true as the whole world fights through a global pandemic that has left us all a little hopeless.

What would you consider as your memorable achievements so far?
I was honored also to be hosted in Oman channel Morning show “Qahwat al Sabah”, and it was my first experience of live TV which went well. I also participated in IDF – international design and furnishing exhibition in Oman conference in the exhibition centre last year. Currently, I am in the works of collaborating with luxury brands in Oman, something special and new for Oman’s resin art scene. Stay Tuned!

For those considering to take the same path as you, what would you tell them?
I believe if you want something, you’ve to fight for it. Don’t wait for the right time to come, you make it now the right time to start. And the more challenges you face; the stronger foundation you’ll have. There has been a time where I couldn’t work with resin because of many circumstances but I didn’t stop taking online courses, watching videos or even chatting with resin artist, and this is because I don’t want to be far from Art even if I couldn’t paint. Follow your passion, try to search for your interest. You’ll feel more alive & happy.

Follow Namariq on Instagram: @ArtByNamariq to see more of her art. You can also check her online store using the handle on Insta — the first of its kind, specialised resin art store based in the Sultanate of Oman.