The show must go on so does life

A friend is retiring in a month’s time and he has been talking about it for at least three years. A dedicated member of an organization he successfully climbed up the corporate ladder as well. His retirement plan had a lot of plans for family time.

I have been fortunate to follow his career growth and amazed that he has arrived at the point where he is going to venture into an important part of his life. The celebration and touring should have started by next month but in came COVID-19.

Surely he and his family will come up with plan B. But the thought is on retirement itself. For people who have been contributing so much into an organization and society how do they tackle the transition?

Speaking to my friend I realised that the trick is not to have free time doing nothing. One has to occupy the day but with a purpose.

Now that is the key word our life is only meaningful when it has a purpose. All we have to do is ask ourselves, does the life you are leading today align with what you want in the deep of your heart?

And that does not mean it has to be a major cause that you are contributing to instead it can be the smallest of steps and worth every bit.

While hosting a webinar for an established trainer the words that stuck in mind as Krishna Kumar spoke to students was, “You can never manage time. Time has its own function. You can only manage yourself to be with time.”

Most of the time when we go through distress we tend to blame our surroundings and circumstances for the situation. Take a step back – look at the big picture and let us ask ourselves what we can change within ourselves that could get us a different response and direction.

We are all in the same boat now. We must make the economy move forward at the same time handle COVID-19. While initially the stress would get the better of me while going out reporting, a senior advised – “Take it easy, all you have to remember is wear the mask and do not touch anything.” Currently all of us can apply this advice.

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