The penalty drama

UAE opener
Ali Ahmed Mabkhout slots it in past Fayez. UAE 1-0.
Lucky charm
‘Lucky charm’ Abdulaziz al Muqbali makes a perfect start. 1-1
Strong finish
Ahmed Barman puts UAE ahead 2-1.
Saad Suhail scores but with a strange run-up 2-2.
Driving shot
Ismail Ahmed drives his penalty home for a 3-2 lead for UAE.
Captain cool
Oman captain Ahmed Mubarak’s confident strike was straight away showing his attitude 3-3.
Lead again
UAE’s Mohammed Salem Barghash gets Oman keeper Fayez al Rushaidi in two minds and scores to put UAE in lead again…4-3
Lucky finish
UAE goalkeeper Khalid Essa got a hand to Said Salim al Ruzaiqi’s penalty but reaches the target. 4-4
Fayez on top
Oman custodian Fayez al Rushaidi, who had saved a penalty in the 90th minute of the match, was again on top against UAE’s mercurial striker Omar Abdulrahman. Fayez dives to the right to put Oman in lead for the first time in the penalty shoot-out. 4-4
Mohsin Jawhar al Khaldi fires it in for Oman… 5-4…
Oman emerge champions
(Compiled by Anuroop A)