The Glorious 48

Spirit of patriotism and national pride in the air as Oman celebrates the National Day

The stage is set for 48th National Day celebrations tomorrow. This is one of the most important days in the Omani calendar. This is the day when the people in this glorious country renew their pledge of loyalty and express love to His Majesty Sultan Qaboos, the architect of modern Oman.

Adding to the jubilant mood is the festive ambience that the country is immersed in. Equally pleasant is the warm weather. The capital city has already gone all out with decorations. Kilometres of roads have been lined up with Omani flags. Lamp posts are displayed with colourful lights. According to an official at the Supreme Committee for National Day Celebrations, the lightings and other decorations are in line with the country’s tradition.
“The designs are made to remind us of Oman’s traditional jewellery. This is being done to showcase something highlighting our heritage and traditions,” he told the Observer. A total of 2,500 colourful light decorations have been put up from Muscat to Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque and 4,000 national flags placed from the Al Bustan roundabout to the Barka roundabout.
There will also be 30-minute fireworks in Al Amerat and Al Khoudh on November 18. “All the lights, which are energy saving, will stay on till the month-end along with other decorations,” he said.
Malls, buildings and vehicles are decorated with photos of His Majesty and accessories with the colours of the national flag.
While telecom operators have come out with exciting promotion, allowing all customers free Internet access, airlines, hotels and malls have come out with various offers to commemorate the day. Like in the city, in villages and towns as well people have erected large portraits of His Majesty and hang Omani flag streamers.
“When it comes to celebrating National Day, our joys and excitement know no bounds,” Said al Balushi, a government employee, said.
Said has already decked up his car with portraits of His Majesty and stickers in red, green and white colours representing the national flag.
For 66-year-old Khalid al Wahaibi, the National Day this year is another occasion to be happy that His Majesty Sultan Qaboos is healthy.
“Our beloved leader is found to be as active as before and is in good health. This adds more to the jubilant mood,” the retired teacher said.