The flavours of the Pollino national park

Ingredients for 4 people
2 porcini, 20 g of oil extravirgin, 1 g of garlic, 2 g of rosemary, salt and pepper q.b

Cut the porcini mushrooms in half, season with all the ingredients and cook them on the grill.

The porcini croquette
100 g of porcini mushrooms, 2 g of parsley, 15 g of pecorino cheese, 1 g of thyme, 10 g of white bread, 1 egg yolk, 10 g of fresh cream, 30 g of oil extravirgin

In a saucepan heat the oil and pour the porcini cut into small pieces. Brown well, remove them and add them to the other ingredients in a bowl. Mix everything together to obtain a homogeneous mixture. Form balls and pass them first in the flour, then in the albumen and then in the sesame. Fry in plenty of oil.

The truffle foam
100 g of porcini mushrooms, 10 g of truffle, 1 g of garlic, 1 g of thyme, 30 g of fresh cream, 20 g oil extravirgin, 2 g of parsley, 20 g of boiled potato, salt and pepper

Brown the porcini mushrooms with oil, allow to cool and blend with all the ingredients until a smooth cream is obtained. Pour into the siphon and leave to rest in the refrigerator for about an hour. Fill the bread cannoli with the mousse.

Porcini with thyme
100 g of porcini mushrooms, 30 g of oil extravirgin, 2 g of thyme, 1 g of garlic, 10 g of white wine, 40 g of brown background

Brown the porcini mushrooms cut into cubes in oil and garlic; blend with the wine and let it evaporate. Add the chopped thyme and brown bottom

The porcini and truffle crumble
50 g of 00 flour, 50 g of almond flour, 50 g of butter, 50 g of porcini mushrooms, 5 g of truffle, 2 g of salt, black pepper, 1 g of thyme

Blend the softened butter with the porcini mushrooms and the thyme until creamy, then add the cream to the other ingredients and knead. Leave to rest in the refrigerator for 30 minutes and then cook at 170 ° C

The porcini sponge
100 g of porcini mushrooms, 4 eggs, 1 g of garlic oil, 2 g of parsley, 750 g of overcooked rice, 20 g of manitoba flour, salt and pepper qb

Blend all the ingredients, filter and pour the mixture into the siphon. Fill a mold with the froth and cook in the microwave for a minute

Composition of the dish
At the base of the dish distribute the crumble, the chopped walnuts and the crumbled toast, on top of the grilled porcino, the croquette, the bread roll with the porcino foam and the porcini mushrooms with the thyme. Complete with a thread of oil extravirgin, truffle and some sprouts.
The reason why I am here in the Park of Pollino is the excellence of its natural and simple products that are linked to the local culture. A wealth of knowledge, wisdom and dignity that represents the riches of this simple, genuine and tasty cuisine.
Here, in Pollino, I have not only found excellent woodland products but also other varieties such as: peppers, aubergines, bread, typical pasta, brawn and cured meats, honey and jams, but also spirits made with spontaneous fruits including the very tasty Saracena moscato. However, porcino mushrooms are still the most valued products, served either fresh or dried. Their unique and unmistakable flavour is much loved in the kitchen. They can be enjoyed in any dish: with pasta, vegetables, meat or fish; they are the true king of the woods but even the table.
Set up in 1988, the National Park of Pollino, the largest protected area in Italy consists of: the Pollino Massif, mount Orsomarso and mount Alpi that, between the Ionian Sea and Tyrrhenian rise to the heights of the southern Apennine.
The symbol of this magnificent landscape is the Pinus Leucodermis, very rare species in Italy, preserved and protected by the Body in charge of the National Park of Pollino, founded in ‘93.
The Park’s territory includes 56 municipalities: 32 in Calabria, in the province of Cosenza; 22 in Basilicata, in the province of Potenza and 2 in that of Matera; 9 between mountain communities and 4 in reserves, Rubbio in Basilicata, Raganello, Lao and Argentino in Calabria. All these enchanting and characteristic communities protect and hand down, with a great deal of passion and love, dialects, songs and ancient dances through theirpopular customs.
Chef Luigi Ferraro
Born in Cassano Allo Ionio, but describes himself as a world citizen. He lives and he works wherever his career takes him: from Sharm-El-Sheik to Stuttgart, Bangkok, London, Paris, George Town, St Petersburg, New York amongst many others.
After five years in Moscow and almost two in New Delhi where he fulfilled the role of Italian Chef at the “Sorrento”, utmost elegant Italian Restaurant at the luxurious Shangri-La’s-Eros Hotel, Chef Ferraro has recently landed at the Gulf Of Oman leading a team in an Italian Restaurant at the lavish Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah Resort and Spa.