Thank you Royal Oman Police, heroes of peace

Our much-respected heroes are all those who risk their lives every day — police officers, firefighters and members of armed forces — to protect our world and make it a better place. On the Royal Oman Police Day (January 5) we express our heartfelt words of gratitude to all police personnel. Thank you to all police officers for putting your lives in danger everyday to protect us, safeguard the country and maintain public order. May the Almighty Allah bless you all peacemakers! Dear all police personnel, this is your day of pride and honour for being peacemakers, safeguarding the country and protecting its citizens and residents alike. Congratulations!
The Royal Oman Police (ROP) enjoys special respect and love in everyone’s heart. Such respect is not only accorded by individuals, but also by the Royal of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos.
The the Royal Oman Police Annual Day was first declared in a special occasion held on November 4, 1974 when the police force received its flag from His Majesty the Sultan. On this day, His Majesty, the Supreme Commander, addressed the police personnel saying, “In handing over to you your flag today, we have decided to confer a new name on the police force. From now on you will be known as the Royal Oman Police.”
In a very inspiring note to highlight the privilege of ROP personnel, His Majesty also stated, “Although the policeman’s job is difficult, he is proud of it. It requires him to be sincere, honest and work smilingly and wholeheartedly.”
All these Royal gestures of His Majesty to Royal Oman Police are a source of pride and honour to all its personnel as well as a real motivation to devote more efforts in their tasks and responsibilities. Being a police officer is not an easy job, but a real honour to be so! Police work is a dangerous, challenging, and often thankless job.
Every day, they are thrust into difficult situations and expected to make quick decisions in seconds. However, there are people who are not in good terms with police, possibly due to some incidents. They might have got into trouble with an officer, or received a traffic ticket for speeding or for not fastening a seatbelt while commuting to office or driving back home.
Moreover, they could have been caught by a speed control radar and received a couple of frustrating fines when renewing car’s registration. This is just to name a few cases for why some people are getting upset with the police. It is normal that people relate their feelings to certain experiences, incidents or attitudes. However, this does not change the fact that police are real heroes who are always on call! Regardless whether people like them or not, all police personnel always say deep down in their hearts: “Whether you curse me, hate me, wish me dead, but I will still be there when you need me.” Not all police officers are bad, just like not all teachers, doctors, plumbers and salespersons are bad. Do not judge all based on the actions of a few. Police are just doing their job and mind their must-to-do daily duties. Some of these tasks and responsibilities might be not in favour of some people, but rules are rules.
Thinking of the other scenario, could you imagine how your day will be if you don’t see police on roads?! It’ is not an exaggeration to state that your day would be abnormal, but in a way or another, you feel that ROP are missed especially if you see them on that particular road very often! It is just an undeniable fact that whenever there is a police officer, safety and stability are observed.
Be always blessed peacemakers!