Telugus to celebrate Bathukamma, Dasera

MUSCAT: Telugu community in Oman is all set to celebrate Bathukamma and Dasera on Thursday. Bathukamma is a colourful and vibrant festival of Telangana and celebrated by women, with flowers that grow exclusively in each region. This festival is a symbol of Telangana’s cultural identity.
Bathukamma comes during the latter half of monsoon, and before the onset of winter. The monsoon rains usually bring plenty of water into the fresh water ponds of Telangana and it is also the time when wild flowers bloom in various vibrant colours all across the uncultivated and barren plains of the region. The Chiru Mega Youth Force (CMYF), along with Telugu Community in Oman, is organising the celebration at Al Falaj Hotel. Popular Telugu artists will perform on the occasion.