Techween hosts Investors Day today for 10 tech start-ups

Business Reporter
Muscat, JAN 15
Techween, one of the investment programmes of Oman Technology Fund (OTF), is hosting today, Wednesday, an Investors Day at Al Mouj Golf Club for 10 tech start-ups at the end of their three-month long training.
Techween has invested in the following 10 tech start-ups from Oman and abroad in their pre-seed stage: DataX (by eBrain), Crowd Media, Zayr, Hadaya, WeAreVR, AskMe, Fast Movers, Ration App, TrackBees and Wareed. Their profiles are as follows:
DataX (by eBrain): DataX is a data processing and visualization solution. DataX helps GCC Public Sector Enterprises unlock actionable insights from their data to help their organisation make better, more informed decisions.
Ration App: Ration App subscribers keep their meals fresh and healthy with regular delivery of the best seasonal produce. The app allows homes to order the food they need at times that best suits them. As the MENA region becomes busier and demands greater convenience, Ration App will be there to keep families healthy with the freshest fruit and vegetables.
Zayr: Zayr is a unique experience marketplace connecting people across cultures, languages and seas. Visitors can experience famous Omani hospitality face to face and enjoy a meal specially prepared by local hosts. Equally, hosts can make exciting connections worldwide.
Hadaya: Hadaya makes receiving a gift bought online an unforgettable experience. Hadaya delivers gifts beautifully wrapped, any time, with a selection of flowers and chocolates. Hadaya is bringing the Hadaya touch to ecommerce platforms across the region.
WeAreVR: WeAreVR is a cloud based collaboration and hosting platform to help teams work together effectively and efficiently on 3D projects.
AskMe: AskMe connects secondary students with expert tutors online. Students have access to a wide range of tutors for help with their homework or exam preparations.
When face-to-face tuition is not possible or too costly, AskMe offers students a way to find specialized tutors in the subjects they struggle with most.
Fast Movers: Fast Movers radically reduces the cost of oil & gas transportation in GCC countries while increasing the revenue of our partner trucking SMEs. It monitors real time availability of trucks allowing oil & gas customers to book loads on trucks that would otherwise travel empty. Fast Movers remove barriers by giving instant access to hundreds of trucks and loads to our customers in real time.
TrackBees: TrackBees improves honey yields and reduces costs. Our Internet of Things device connects our customer’s hives online giving real time reports of the health of their hives including the critical metrics of humidity, temperature and weight. This leads to better beekeeper interventions and more productive hives.
Wareed: Wareed helps patients with Diabetes & Heart Disease save time and money by improving their access to essential prescription medication. With the Wareed app patients can order their medications as well as receive reminders to take their medication as directed by their doctors. Wareed enables and supports patients with all chronic illnesses towards living a healthier and happier life.
Crowd Media: Crowd Media is an AI powered platform that harnesses the marketing power of social media through micro-influencers, creating tangible market impact with social media advertising at effective volume.