Tawasul celebrates graduation of 25 Omani women entrepreneurs

Held under the auspices of Sayyida Rawan bint Ahmed al Said, Tawasul celebrated the graduation of 25 Omani women entrepreneurs from its capacity building programme, Mulhimat, at the Diplomatic Club in Muscat. The five-month educational journey aimed at developing leadership and communication skills to raise the competitiveness of the participating entrepreneurs. The initiative comes as one of BP Oman’s social investment programmes that focus on enterprise development, education and energy sustainability.
“We greatly appreciate the efforts of Mulhimat and its team who are focused on forming a platform for Omani women to succeed and realise their objectives. BP Oman’s Social Investment Programme initiatives are aimed towards supporting national priorities by inspiring growth. Therefore, we collaborated with Tawasul to give Omani Women Entrepreneurs opportunities to be up to date with latest skill sets to operate their businesses more competitively,” said Shamsa al Rawahi, BP Oman’s Social Investment Programme Officer.
The evening commenced with the recital of the holy Quran followed by a speech by Hazim Abdullah, CEO of Tawasul. Raja al Hammadi, GPO HSE Manager of BP Oman also delivered a speech, thanking all for attending the ceremony. She highlighted that Mulhimat falls under two themes of BP Oman’s Social Investment Programmes, education and enterprise development. Enhancing skills of the Omani women entrepreneurs will further open doors to more opportunities for sustainable economic growth. A video showcasing the journey of the programme and partakers was played for the audience. The participants also got an opportunity to share their experiences with the audience.
“Through the programme we sought to emphasise on refining skills of our participants, such as problem solving and taking measured risks. We are proud to say our goal was achieved when we witnessed the development of our participants’ SMEs. The programme has motivated participants to further focus on their growth and development,” said Hazim Abdullah.
Talking about her experience of the programme, Fathiya bint Abdullah al Dhuouriya, Owner of Shams Bukha Trading, participant of Mulhimat commented, “Mulhimat is the first programme I joined that aims at promoting the leadership skills of Omani Women Entrepreneurs including personal growth, administration, financial and legal literacy. Furthermore, the programme provided us with a networking platform, which was significantly beneficial as it helped us exchange experience and knowledge about different domains.”.
During Mulhimat, the women entrepreneurs and their SMEs underwent a vigorous assessment phase, which was followed by visits to their enterprises. The representatives then shared the outcomes of the evaluation and offered suggestions to improve their businesses further. Additionally, the women were involved in various workshops that revolved around leadership capacity and communication proficiency. Furthermore, the initiative provided the participants with a platform for networking and building connections with other businesswoman.