Tanfeedh initiative follow-up unit highlights its functions

MUSCAT: The Implementation Support and Follow-up Unit is working on following up the outputs of the National Programme for Enhancing Economic Diversification (Tanfeedh), which includes 77 initiatives and projects, as well as a series of 14 initiatives and projects under the business environment team for public, private partnership (PPP). The Unit collects and analyses data, follows up and evaluates key performance indicators, in coordination with the concerned authorities, finds solutions to the challenges that may arise during implementation and adopts a clear follow-up mechanism.
The Unit works with a clear vision to create an effective government performance environment to increase the competitive advantage of the Sultanate by providing support and facilities to government and private entities and their level of performance to contribute to raising the economic and social development revenues in order to attract investments and increase per capita income, push towards implementing the Sultanate’s plans and seek the achievement of economic diversification.
Hussam bin Ahmed al Nabhani, Supervisor of Tanfeedh Team at the Implementation Support and Follow-up Unit, said that the Unit is working to overcome the challenges facing sectors that promote economic diversification in the Sultanate by enhancing the contribution of non-oil sectors and solving the challenges facing investors wishing to enter the Sultanate’s markets.
He added that the idea of the laboratories supported and followed by the Unit came in line with the economic growth in the country and an attempt by the Government to set the challenges facing the sectors as priorities. He added that the laboratories came to set the real beginning to promote economic diversification in the Sultanate according to the main performance indicators and their control panel to follow up the progress of the Omani Economy and its promising projects.
He pointed out that the most significant change introduced by the Unit since its establishment is the “performance measurement principle” that was introduced in the government sector for the first time at this level in a manner close to the scientific form according to figures and statistics.
On the challenges facing the work of the Unit, Al Nabhani explained that there are major challenges and the Unit deals with them with transparency, which resulted in success in changing the prevailing thinking on the promotion of economic diversification.
The Supervisor of Tanfeedh Team at the Unit further said that the methodology of the Unit’s work with the rest of the relevant bodies from government institutions and private sector companies is based on gathering the parties at one table, solving the challenges and finding ways to make them succeed, which makes it much easier for these parties. He added that the best example in this regard is the standardisation of custom inspection efforts, which will undoubtedly give the Sultanate a great place in the import and export.
Azzan bin Qasim al Busaidi, Head of the Business Environment
Team and Finance in the Unit, said that the responsibilities of the Implementation Support and Follow-up Unit are to provide all kinds of support to the concerned parties through a clear work methodology and to identify projects, opportunities and laws that would increase the competitiveness of the Omani economy.
He pointed out that since the establishment of the Unit, the team has worked with a number of positive responders, including but not limited to the “Invest Easy” project and the “Investment Services Centre” in partnership initiatives and the “Foreign Investment Law” of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. — ONA