Syria Kurds preparing 1st vote in ‘federal region’

QAMISHLI: Syrian Kurdish authorities on Saturday began laying the groundwork for the first local elections in the federal system they are establishing in the country’s north, an official said.
Hadiya Youssef, co-chair of the federal system’s constituent assembly, said three rounds of elections would be held starting in September.
“In this phase, we are outlining the electoral process by holding meetings with the local councils and societal stakeholders,” Youssef said on the sidelines of a summit in the Kurdish-majority city of Qamishli.
The meeting brought together Kurdish, Arab, Syriac and other parties to discuss how each of the three electoral phases would be managed.
The first round on September 22, according to Youssef, would see residents vote for representatives on the neighbourhood level.
Elections for executive councils for towns and regions are planned for November 3.
Then, on January 19, they would elect legislative councils for each of the three cantons, as well as a single joint legislative assembly.