Swell wave experienced across coasts of Oman

Muscat: The indirect effect of the thunderstorm ‘Vayu’ brought seawater well into the coastline closer to houses, which also had some of the fishermen community members taking measures to protect their boats.

“We call it the swell wave,” explained the weather expert at Oman Met Office, Public Authority of Civil Aviation (PACA). “It has traveled 750 km from the coast of Oman, Ras al Hadd, where the tropical storm is located and it coincided with the high tide that was at 9.30 am in Muscat.  Because of this the wave went so far into land farther than the normal waves during high tides,” he explained.

Although Vayu has been downgraded to a tropical storm from a cyclone, it continues to be active with an estimated surface wind speed of 50 knots around the center.

According to the weather expert almost whole of the coast of Arabian Sea, covering the area of the Shariqiyah and the coast of the Oman Sea had been faced with the impact.  This condition is expected to continue for 48 hours going up during high tides and going down during low tides.

The wave height is only between 1.5 to two meters but combined with the high tide on Sunday which was about three meters resulted in the inundation.

According to the latest analyses of the National Multi-Hazard Early Warning Center, there are no possible effects over the coasts of the Sultanate from the Tropical Storm (Vayu) which is located over the Central Arabian Sea at longitude 66.0 degrees East and latitude 20.7 degrees North.

Latest numerical weather prediction indicates that the movement of the Tropical Storm is likely to be north to northeasterly direction towards the coasts of India as a deep depression during the next 48 hours.  The sea will continue to be moderate along Oman Sea coasts with a maximum wave height of 2.0 meters.

Meanwhile, Sunday and Monday also see high-temperature forecast going up to 49 to 50 degrees Celsius in the desert areas.

“Sunayna by 1 pm had recorded 48 degrees Celsius, 46 degrees in Fahud and 47 degrees in Izki.   On Tuesday the temperatures are expected to ease down,” said the weather forecaster.

The weather forecast states clear to partly cloudy skies along the coastal area of Dhofar governorate with chances of isolated light rain and mainly clear skies over rest of the Sultanate with chances of clouds developments and isolated rain over Al-Hajar Mountains during the afternoon. There is also a chance of the late night to early morning low-level clouds or fog patches along with coastal areas of Arabian Sea.