Supreme Committee to decide resumption of work after Eid

Muscat: The Supreme Committee on Covid-19 held the eight weekly press conference on Thursday. Highlights from the press meet.

  1. Minister of Health: if physical distance of two meters exists, then it is not required to wear masks.
  2. Minister of Health: The Supreme Committee will meet after the Eid Al-Fitr holiday to issue new decisions
  3. Minister of Health: We studied the experiences of several other countries regarding the imposition of curfew but we found it is not highly useful in limiting the spread of the virus
  4. The Minister of Health: 327 cases recorded today, including 105 cases for Omanis. The number of patients in hospitals is 122, including 32 in intensive care.
  5. Minister of Health: We have noticed a growing number of infections among Omanis recently due to not adhering to social distancing.
  6. Minister of Health: Not all individuals require the flu vaccine. Only the targeted categories
  7. Minister of Health: More deaths among residents were due to the delay in approaching health institutions.
  8. Minister of Health: Patients in intensive care stay for over 10 days and there is a shortage of specialized medical personnel.
  9. Minister of Health: There will be decisions regarding returning to work at a meeting of the Supreme Committee on the first working day after the Eid al-Fitr holiday.
  10. Minister of Health: The decision on the flow of tourist traffic to Dhofar Governorate will be taken at the next meeting of the committee.
  11. Minister of Health: The total donations yesterday amounted to RO28, 400.
  12. Minister of Health: It is not possible to predict the peak of the virus as it may remain for a longer period, and the best is to live with it
  13. Minister of Health: The Covid-19 situation is not over. We reiterate our appeal to abide by the instructions, and we must continue the prevention process.
  14. Minister of Health: We appeal to all those who are recovering to donate blood to extract plasma from blood & treat the infected cases. The number of beneficiaries of the treatment reached 25 patients until yesterday.
  15. Dr. Saif Al-Abri: Most of the affected cases at the present time do not require admission to the hospital. They need either domestic or institutional isolation, and there is a great effort made to communicate with them on a daily basis.
  16. Dr Saif al Abri: Most of the deaths occurred in ICU as many of them were late in seeking health care, and also due to chronic symptoms and delay in reaching the hospital.
  1. Public Prosecutor: Any gathering of five or more people in one area space without family links will be considered a violation of the decisions of the Supreme Committee
  2. Public Prosecutor: A fine of RO100 for participating in gatherings, including holidays, weddings and places of worship, and a fine of RO200 for those who do not adhere to the institutional and domestic quarantine.
  3. Public Prosecutor: A fine of R.O 20 to be imposed on anyone who does not wear masks in public places including commercial centers
  4. Public Prosecution: Fines collected for violating the decisions of the Supreme Committee will be transferred to support the efforts of the Ministry of Health in combating Covid-19.
  5. Public Prosecution: A one-month shutdown and RO1,500 for establishments that do not abide by regulations and specifications
  6. Public Prosecution: An expatriate worker tried to sneak through the mountains to change his place of residence and was caught by the security authorities
  7. Minister of Transport: The return of air traffic will start with domestic flights and then international services
  8. Minister of Transport: Trying to reduce expenses by 43 percent in the aviation sector
  9. Minister of Transport: The return of the aviation sector to the pre-pandemic (Covid-19) days will take a long time, up to four years
  10. Minister of Transport: Commercial and industrial activities cannot remain closed for a long time, so we are gradually reopening them. Failure to comply will lead to closure again.
  11. Minister of Transport: Domestic flights will start first but no specific date has been set for the return of air traffic
  12. Minister of Transport: The restoration of public transportation will be gradual and with new regulations
  13. Minister of Transport: Cargo and container handling increased 23% in Q1, 2020 despite the global logistics sector being significantly affected
  14. Minister of Transport: Taxis are now allowed to work due to preventive measures. We hope they will be back with improved services
  15. Ministry of Foreign Affairs: 2,500 migrant workers were evacuated by various countries (mostly India, Pakistan, Bangladesh) in around 16 flights so far as they wished to leave Oman
  16. Ministry of Foreign Affairs: There is coordination with friendly countries to evacuate expatriate workers and their late departure is due to closure of airports
  17. Ministry of Foreign Affairs: No deaths among citizens outside the country due to Covid-19 until now. There was one case in New York and the person recovered. 3 affected citizens came from France and they recovered