Sultanate takes part in conference on rights

DOHA: Oman Human Rights Commission (OHRC) takes part in the 2-day International Conference on ‘Human Rights Approach to Conflict Situations in the Arab Region,’ which began in the Doha on Monday. Minister Plenipotentiary Yousuf bin Abdullah al Afifi, Deputy Chairman of OHRC, leads the Omani delegation which comprised Dr Hamad bin Hamdan al Rubaie, OHRC member, Said bin Saleh al Abri, media and awareness specialist and Al Mu’ather bin Ahmed al Siyabi, international organisations specialist. The conference discussed on the first day in three sessions important themes, including the respect for human rights as a preventive approach and an approach based on human rights in responding to situations of conflict and human rights situation in conflict resolving.

It is said that the conference aims to identify early warning mechanisms based on human rights and the provision of channels of dialogue in order to prevent the developments of crisis into armed conflicts. It also aims at providing remedies to address concerns relating to human rights that lead to resentment and hostility in the Arab region, and identifying and developing non-military mechanisms for conflict management and promote the rule of law in order to ensure the protection of human rights in times of conflict in the Arab region. — ONA