Sultanate celebrates first day of Eid al Adha

MUSCAT: The Sultanate on Monday celebrated the first day of blessed Eid al Adha. His Highness Sayyid Fahd bin Mahmood al Said, Deputy Prime Minister for the Council of Ministers, performed Eid al Adha prayers at Al Khour Mosque in Muscat in the morning. HH Sayyid Fahd was accompanied during the prayers by their Highnesses, ministers, under-secretaries, advisers and prominent figures.
Shaikh Dr Is’haq bin Ahmed al Busaidy, Chairman of the Supreme Court, Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Judiciary Council, led the Eid prayer. Shaikh Dr Is’haq started the Khutba (sermon) with Takbir (exclaiming Allah is Great) and “blessings and peace be upon his Prophet”.
Shaikh Dr Is’haq said: “The grace of Islam is the greatest blessing, praise be to the Almighty Allah, Who guided us for this and we would not have been guided without the guidance of Allah”. He added that Islam is an integrated system of rights, in its straightforward happiness and stability happen, and in its performance lies progress and prosperity. He said that our rights in Islam begin before we are created in the world of wombs, and they remain after our death.
He added, “The greatest right protected by Islam to man is the right to live. It is not permissible to unjustly attack others. Disagreement might widen between people, and views may vary, but all of this does not permit attacking others or shedding blood because killing is one of the
biggest sins.”

At the end of the Khutba, Shaikh Dr Is’haq appealed to Allah the Almighty for the return of this happy day on His Majesty Sultan Qaboos for many years to come while His Majesty enjoys good health, happiness and long life. He also prayed to Allah to safeguard Oman and all Muslim countries.
After the Eid prayers, HH Sayyid Fahd received well-wishers on the occasion. They expressed their best wishes to His Majesty the Sultan praying to the Almighty Allah to grant His Majesty good health, wellbeing and long life.
HH Sayyid Fahd thanked all well-wishers, wishing them a blessed and happy Eid. He prayed to the Almighty Allah for the return of this happy and other similar occasions on His Majesty the Sultan for many years to come with blessings and wellbeing, grant His Majesty success for the good of this dear country and to achieve further progress, peace and stability for the Sultanate and its people under his prosperous reign.
Meanwhile, Sayyid Mohammed bin Sultan al Busaidy, Minister of State, Governor of Dhofar, performed Eid al Adha prayers at Sultan Qaboos Mosque in Salalah.
Al Busaidy was accompanied by Shaikh Salim bin Mustuhail al Ma’ashani, Adviser at the Royal Court, Dr Rasheed bin al Safi al Huraibi, Chairman of the Tender Board, members of the State Council and Majlis Ash’shura, officials, shaikhs and dignitaries in the Governorate of Dhofar and a group of citizens and residents.
Yasir bin Ali al Kathairi, Imam and Preacher at Sultan Qaboos Mosque in Salalah, led the prayers. He started his Khutba (sermon) with Takbir (exclaiming Allah is Great) praising and thanking Allah the Almighty for all His blessings and “blessings and Peace Be Upon his Prophet”.
He also called in his sermon to maximise the rituals of Allah the Almighty and touched upon many meanings and lessons learned in solidarity, piety, cooperation, compassion, unity, coexistence, love and harmony embodied in the rituals of religion and its events and the education of children on the qualities of good faith and love of the homeland.
In his sermon, he pointed out that security in the homeland is a great blessing from the Almighty, which requires thanks to Allah the Almighty. He added that thanking keeps blessings from demise, following the example of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), who was asking the Almighty to keep his country safe, and was asking “blessings and increase in fruits and other good things” for his country.
At the end of his Khutba, he appealed to the Almighty Allah to protect His Majesty and bestow on him blessings, wisdom and success. — ONA