Suhar artistes regale with different works of art

Around 70 pieces of arts were showcased at the headquarter of Suhar’s Fine Arts Institute and the Omani Society of Fine Arts held under the patronage of His Excellency Sheikh Ali bin Ahmed bin Mishari al Shamsi, the city’s governor.
With 39 artists participating, the exhibition was divided into four sections the first of which is the Plastics arts section that have over 70 works on display.
The second section was photography with works on display varied from coloured to black and white. The section also covered different genres of photography and the 10 photos on display included nature and attractive architectural designs.
Art and sculpture were the focus of the third section where a number of sculptors showcased their expertise in working with different mediums, from marble to porcelain, to wood and other metals.
Lastly, the fourth and final section was dedicated to Arabic calligraphy, where a number of calligraphy artists showcased what made them unique presenting diversity not only their styling but the consistency of their works.
At the end of the opening ceremony, His Excellency Sheikh Ra’i honoured the artists participating in the exhibition.
Mariam Bint Mohammed al Zadjalieh, Director of the Omani Society for Fine Arts, said: “Creativity continues in its third session from the artists of the Fine Arts Department in Suhar in different fields of arts such as painting, sculpture, ceramics and graphic.”
She added that the exhibition’s goal was to create a space for the artists where they can meet lovers of arts and even those just starting to acquaint themselves in the art scene.
“This is also a space where art connoisseurs can discuss and learn about the various experiences and techniques embraced by the gallery,” she added.

SIHAM AL saidi